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Digital Time Switch Model 3001



General Features:

� 3 digit-display Digital Timer breaking an electric circuit after pre-set time period.

� Timing Range in seconds, minutes and hours: 0 - 99 hours.

� Model SPST: Simple-Pole, Single Throw: ON-OFF type: mechanism actuates between two states, open or closed. The two terminals are either connected together or disconnected from each other.

� Model SPDT: Single-Pole, Double Throw: mechanism connecting either of two terminals to the common terminal. A simple changeover switch.

� Built-in buzzer.

� Ease of use.

� High temperature housing available on special order.


� Black-coloured plastic knob.

� 130 mm cables

� 5/32� x 3/8� screws

� Anodized blue ring

� Indicator coloured display


� Power applied: AC or DC Current: from 40 VAC/VDC.

� Electrical Features: 8 A, 110-220 VCA relay. 1/3HP SPST- SPDT.

� Hold Feature: when knob is pushed once, �Hold� position is activated but timing mechanism remains stopped, current is ON.

� Size: Diameter: 65mm � Height: 33.5 mm.

� Mounting: Two fixing threaded holes placed at 30 mm between them.

� Spade terminals: for quick connect and disconnect.

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